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Cleopatra Games, Cleopatra Slots and Egyptian-themed online gamesThe golden age of Egyptian gods and legends is long past gone, but that doesn’t limit the endless string of big budget Hollywood films that bring back the Egyptian theme every year. One of the latest films that came out recently: “Gods of Egypt”, treats us to the magical wonders of powerful gods living amongst the Egyptian people, and oh yea- the world is also flat in that movie. Well, you don’t need to be a scientist to know that Cleopatra did exist, and she was a powerful force to be reckoned-with. Now that’s free information that everyone can agree upon. So why are many online casinos still asking for registration in order to play free slot games?

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While the Egyptian empire was active up until 100 B.C.- Free slot games online have only been around for the last decade or so, especially Egyptian themed slots. We don’t need to pester you for supplying information just to play free slots, that’s just silly! If there was ever a theme as cool as Cleopatra and the former gold-laden glory days of Egypt is one place you’ll find this particular kind of cash mummy! Fun jackpot credits can be played anytime and even on a variety of internet connected devices like smartphones and tablets.

Egypt wasn’t built in a day, so when you’re ready to wager real money..

There is one benefit to wagering real money online which doesn’t come from demo play, and that is the potential for striking major riches that return real money instead of play-money coins. Let’s do the math, if you like social gaming much like the games you see on Facebook- they’re designed to do one single thing. That’s right, you can still spend money but earn nothing in return! Go figure that slot game simulators are working the opposite of real play slot games.

This is the main reason you wonder why online slot games are often pushed into the corner, since social media sites don’t want you to know you can ever win real money! You’ll also never find pressure to wager any real money online for very obvious reasons. The first reason is 100% about choice, as nobody who wagers real money online understands that there are also calculated losses. Someone who goes to the LUXOR in Las Vegas (one of the most famous Egyptian-themed casinos), and wagers real money to play slot games will hesitate to play if they know the odds to win over time are in their favor.

Some video slot machine actually have an average return that provides the thrill of gambling with minimal losses and the absolute surprise of big wins when luck comes around. Until then, you’re given more than enough time enjoying free Cleopatra demo slots to see how your odds of winning look. After that, you can decide on your own to start winning those actual returns for real.