Play 100,000 Pyramid casino slot and win 1/10th of a million

100,000 pyramid slot game for free online play no depositThe pyramid icon is present the common consciousness by any number of means: There are the Gaza Pyramids of ancient Egypt, of course, as well as the related Illuminati symbol on the back of the $1 bill. Don’t forget pyramid schemes, the food pyramid and a handful of comic book superheroes deriving mystical powers from one such pyramid or another. For an entire generation on both sides of the Atlantic, however, perhaps the most immediate mental connection is made to the “$100,000 Pyramid,” a television gameshow begun in the US and most famously hosted by Dick Clark.

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So here we’ve got the 100,000 Pyramid slots game; the knocking off the dollar sign preceding the big figure could be due to international copyright issues or is perhaps addition to subtraction, welcoming those not in dollar-based economies to enjoy a few spins. In any case, $100,000 isn’t even the limit on this slot!

How is 100,000 Pyramid sloot game played?

the 100,000 pyramid game for real money slot play The 100,000 Pyramid slot game is played on 15 paylines across five reels. This one’s an astoundingly high-roller slot, if the player so chooses: He/she may bet up to a whopping $200 per payline at some online casinos. Lowest wager is typically $1 per payline, but may casinos today offer 5¢ and 10¢/payline bets.

The 100,000 Pyramid slot’s symbols are mostly those astounding prizes that lucky contestants might take home from ol’ Dick’s show – though perhaps the game desingers were thinking of the Price IS Right. As I recall, prizes on the ‘Pyramid were always cash. In any case, the reels of the 100,000 Pyramid *game* feature TV sets, jewelry, fancy sporty new cars and the like.

An incredible 100,000x the payline bet (heck, that’s $5,000 if you’re only playing 5¢ per payline!) may be won for lining up five wilds on an active ‘line; the game logo serves this function.

A special symbol is included in the “Winner’s Circle” icon. (Again, we don’t remember this as part of the original gameshow, but whatevs.) Three of these trip the bonus round, a bunch of free spins in which not much changes except for that the Winner’s Circle logo adds a bonus multiplier of 5x to 15x on wins.

Can I play 100,000 Pyramid casino slot for free?

You bet! Cleopatra Slots offers all free-play games. Enjoy 100,000 Pyramid or any of our slots game titles to your heart’s content for as much time as you’d like. To play for real money (and thus win the crazy prizes offered in the 100,000 Pyramid slot), try a Cleopatra Slots-recommended casino website; namely, those linked on our pages.

So why is 100,000 Pyramid slot included on a site like Cleopatra Slots?

Dude, pyramids.