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play cleopatra casino slot games for real money egypt funThank you for coming to for a taste of Ancient Egypt and the beautiful Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. All of these slot games which are available for both free and real money play are a combination of everything associated with Cleopatra and her ilk. These classic slots, video slots, jackpot slots and more are available at your finger tips to play right away. All of the casino slots require no download to play which makes it easy and fun to bounce around from slot game to slot game.

With these Cleopatra slot games you'll be transported to another time and region of the world, when a woman ruled a good part of the globe and where Ancient Egypt was at the top of the civilized world. With its Pyramids, Library of Alexandria, agricultural success from the Nile and other vast projects, Egypt was a force to be reckoned with. These online casino slots will bring this experience right to your doorstep as you delve into the vast selection of these Cleopatra video slots.

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Although many of these Cleopatra slot games have been around for quit some time, there is a reason for this. Many of these are still a blast to play so we continually keep these on our website. However, we are constantly scouring the industry for new and exciting Cleopatra and Cleopatra related slots and are usually the first site to make them available to our players both for free and real money play.

As with many slot themes, popular movies are usually incorporated into a slot game. For Cleopatra this is not the case as there really are no “action-packed” movies based on Cleopatra's life or Egypt in general. These slots usually consist of movies such as, Terminator, Aliens, Comic Book Heroes and of course South Park. Regardless, our Cleopatra slots provide plenty of excitement and free fun in the comfort of your own home or just on the go mobile play.

We at Cleopatra slots with our years of gaming experience will always bring you the experience you can only find at our sites. From free classic slots to real money progressive jackpot slots, you will always have a quality experience with our quality games. Don’t hesitate and jump right in for free fun play or real money play with one of our trustworthy and secure online casino partners. Enjoy your time with us!

It took one woman to rule them all!

The Egyptian culture is among one of the oldest throughout the history of mankind. Egyptians haven’t always been known to be warm, well mannered or polite people. As history would suggest, the ancient Egyptian rulers took it upon themselves to be revered as living gods. This could be because of their religious ideals, which of course is one of the reasons why the Ancient Egyptians are so enigmatic above so many other extinct cultures. Egypt is equally adorned with iconic images including pyramids and the sphinx. But when we often think of their rulers, one name often comes to mind: Cleopatra! And this was long before women were even closely associated with beauty, brains and power. Our website that dedicates the concept of wealth and power easily translates through the mystical thrills of free online slot games, but it does take a lot of work to get that to happen. Let us introduce to you our talented core group that makes it all happen

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