Play Book of Pyramids slot and get a taste of Ancient Egypt

play book of pyramids slot game with no deposit Book of Pyramids is another online slot game themed on good ol’ Ancient Egypt and done up in classic 9-payline style. Things run as you’d expect, with the requisite free spins bonus round (more on this below) triggered by scatters and a helpful wild symbol that can help form winning combinations. All is well, except, well…Very early into the playing of Book of Pyramids does one discover a couple of eccentricities in the slot game. The background music is a bit jarring at first, not due to its actual sound but rather that this rhtym would be infinitely more at home in, say, an India-themed slot. It’s pure percussion, while Saharan African music is known for featuring woodwinds as well as drums.

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A second oddity of note is in the payout scheme. For some reason, nearly every payout is based on a base-11 counting system, e.g. five of the lowest-paying symbol win the player 222 coins; the highest payout on a single line is 9,999 coins; and all wins in between pay out in similar fashion.

How do you play Book of Pyramids?

As stated above, Book of Pyramids is a 9-payline game of five reels. The Book of Pyramids slots game may be considered a penny slot and is definitely a low-stakes game until, presumably, one reaches a VIP level at his/her chosen casino hosting the game: Players may wager between 1¢ and $1 per line.pyramid slot games for both real money and free mobile play

The symbol set is naturally rife with those symbols of Egyptology: Among them are the ankh, symbol of life and fate; King Tut’s golden death mask; an icon of Bubastis, the cat goddess; and the eye of Osiris. (Incidentally, did you know that in Egyptian myth, after Osiris was killed by his brother Set, that his corpse was thoroughly rent into pieces, though only his penis was destroyed? How was it destroyed, you may ask? The dismembered member was eaten by fish in the Nile! Crazy…)

The poker card icons A, K, Q. J comprise the low-paying symbols.

In the Book of Pyramids slot, the scarab (symbol of rebirth, regeneration and, apparently, beefing up your bankroll) serves as scatter, which awards the player in the traditional way. Landing three scarabs or more anywhere on the reels within a single spin launches the free spins. Three, four or five scarab scatters award – get this, now – 11, 22 or 33 free spins, respectively.

In addition, the scarab also acts at a wild symbol, substituting for appropriate winning combinations. The single-payline jackpot payout of 9,999 coins is awarded when those scarabs land five on a payline – and the player still gets the 33 free games! The Book of Pyramids slot may be a low-roller game, but it’s generous on that small scale, for sure.

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