Ramses statue found as a buried treasure in Cairo ghetto

ramses slot games for online free game funEgypt obviously has a deep history with much of that reference connecting to the ancient Judaic-Christian religion. From the fact they had employed slavery onto the ancient Israelites (who were connected in building the pyramids), and obviously a lot of other statues and temples for that matter. That brings us to the recent news -where, archeologists working under troublesome conditions in Cairo have found an antiquated statue submerged in muddy water.

A joint German-Egyptian research group only recently found an 8-meter (26-foot) quartzite statue hidden in a pit that was being dug in a Cairo ghetto, which proposes to the world that it obviously is a statue portraying Ramses II. Since the discovery the pit began to fill mysteriously with muddy sewage that began to further mystify the pit, making removal of the statue even more difficult. This story might otherwise be forgotten- in light of the news dating back from September of 2016, where the same joint group unearthed sandstone wall decorations not far from this location.

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The initial story proposed that Ramses II (who ruled Egypt from 1279- 1213 BC) had built a temple not more than 450 meters from the Obelisk of Senusret I, where the group was working in what was once ancient Heliopolis. This is one of the most established urban communities in old Egypt and quite a bit of what was once Heliopolis is presently hidden under a couple meters of the present surface. Experts are more hopeful that numerous more discoveries of the antiquated world lie covered up under (more or less) the better part of Cairo, which to many tourists who’ve visited before have considered it to be a vile and filthy city. And thus- it may also sound unusual, how a statue of one of Egypt’s most powerful rulers is oddly found in one of the poorest areas of Cairo! With careful consideration to most of the established and reasonable archaeologists today, this discovery can be termed as doubtful truth due to some very obvious factors. We’ll take a closer look at why this story doesn’t hold much water.

Clue #1- Did they check the Facts?

play the new ramses 2 slot game for real moneyThis statue was initially presented to be a portrayal of Pharaoh Ramses ll. However, the original reports are now being changed to another ruler completely in recent article updates- naming: King Psammetich I, who ruled Egypt from 664 to 610 BC, as indicated by Khaled El-Enani (Egyptian Minister of Antiquities). Connecting the dots amid this information also indicates the statue's actual character was the revelation of El-Enani firmly connecting it to Psammetich l in a recent interview on March 16, 2017. However, last year the statement from Dr. Mahmoud Afifi (Head of the Ancient Egyptian Sector within the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities) was quoted as saying the recent statue was in fact Ramses II based on a carved temple relief showing Ramses II anointing a Divinity. This differs greatly from the statement El-Enani had previously mentioned, which the evidence of Hieroglyphic writing of the name Neba and Psammetichus I; on the recently unearthed statues, which firmly points to the reason why a sudden name switch began in such swift haste.

Clue #2- Wait, weren’t there Two statues found?

Indeed there were two major oversize fragments carved from Quartzite that depict the ruler Psammetich I, that were discovered in the ‘mud pit’, however many people do not know a second statue measuring 80cm tall belonging to Seti II, (who ruled 1200-1194 BC) -who was the grandson to Ramses II, and was also found by the joint German-Egyptian team. Sadly there is no photo ever shown of this statue shown anywhere- despite numerous pictures of the Psammetrich I statue being ‘dug-up’. Perhaps when the new Grand Egyptian Museum opens in Giza next year, where they might also show this finely carved piece -if proof of it actually exists at all...

Clue #3- Does This look like an archaeologist dig site?

Khaled El-Enani recently came under fire through his social media posts showing the type of equipment used to remove one of the most exciting discoveries in Egypt since- well, the Great Pyramids perhaps. For most people that see these pictures, the impression leaves nothing to prove that the Cairo statue being unearthed in pictures and video- looks anything like an actual archaeologist dig whatsoever! Hence the shocked reactions shared over social media for the methods used to document such a historically important object.

Taking a closer look at this excavation site also looks very off for many reasons too! As any archaeologist dig might look, an area is typically and carefully divided into search pockets that look more like shallow quarry holes rather than a clumsy gash torn into the ground. Imagine a CSI team searching through the evidence of a crime scene and then bringing in bulldozers to clear-out everything else, blindly not knowing what evidence happens to lie underneath. Worse yet, the kind of damage that may occur if these pieces were scratched, chipped, dropped or left unsupervised in one of the poorest slums found in Cairo might have caused public outrage beyond the control of the Egyptian Ministry’s hands.

Clue #4- Where is the rest of the Statue?

new slot game ramses book with no depositMuch like those amazing discoveries throughout history, many of them have been proven to be elaborate hoaxes. There was the missing link between man and ape known as Piltdown man, a petrified stone giant called the Cardiff Giant, and more recently in the late 90’s- the first feathered dinosaur introduced as the Archaeorapter. Sadly- all of which proved to the world that an exciting scientific discovery often turns-out to be a big outright lie, and strangely enough- all were major press stories for the National Geographic Society. And while the statue pieces are certainly carved from Quartzite, the rest of it might be the smoking gun if it can be found somewhere in that mysterious muddy pit. In fact, the real reasons for their discovery aren’t hard to imagine for those who are questioning the recent ‘fake news’ scandal stories that were recently popularized by current American president Donald Trump.

This statue among other things are obviously a boost to tourism, as several mainstream articles often mention this discovery openly. However- since 2010, tourism to Egypt has taken a major bomb dive from 14.7 million tourists (per year) to less than 2.2 million -just last year!!! All this -bearing in mind, that the 2015 Russian airline ‘Flight 9268’ crash didn’t help with travel and tourism for the region either. Despite this, the recent news of a possible tomb discovery featuring a Queen Nefertiti burial room within the famous ‘King Tut Burial Chamber’ has all the marks of an event ready to spark a massive campaign to collect limitless amounts of tourist dollars. How excited now is Khaled El-Enani (Egyptian Minister of Antiquities) to once again mention recently, that he is sure there is a secret chamber, yet no holes are allowed to be drilled into the tomb wall to test the theory... National Geographic also featured and promoted this story last year with no follow-up or updates, further supporting the idea this story may just be an event waiting to open much like the Grand Egyptian Museum opens in 2018.

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