Play Cleopatra 18+ online slot for real money play and free

play cleoptra slot games for no download and free play onlineObviously here at CleopatraSlots, we’ve seen a lot of, well, Cleopatra slots – and the title character of Cleopatra 18+ is probably *the* most curvaceous such Egyptian queen the likes of which we've ever seen. In this slot, she’s naturally among the symbol set, but she’s also slithering about tantalizingly to the left of the gameboard. How do you say, “Baby’s got back” in Ancient Egyptian?

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So what does the “18+” mean? Do slot games have ratings?

We have no idea why this slot carries an “18+” in the name beyond grabbing the player’s attention. Nothing particularly sexual or violent goes on here, but then again Cleopatra Slots has never hit the jackpot payout in Cleopatra 18+ – maybe some cartoony animation depicting some literal slaves-and-masters pops up. So to speak.

How much does Cleopatra 18+ slot cost to play?

In a real-money game, bet 1¢ to $1 across 25 paylines.

How does Cleopatra 18+ slot gamelook?

The rest of the Cleopatra 18+ slot’s symbol set is in line with the Ancient Egypt theme, and everything’s nicely colored and rendered: Populating the reels are goofy dog- and cat-headed gods (that’s Anubis and Bubastis, respectively); the ankh; the eye of Osiris; et cetera, you get the idea.

How do you play the Cleopatra 18+ slot?

You bet Cleopatra’s the wild, filling in wins and blowing kisses. Tack on the 2,000x payline bet payout that you get for landing five of ‘em on an active payline (plus a lot more in winnings on that particular spin to be derived, to be sure) and it’s really just too much, if you know what we mean.

Bubastis is the scatter symbol, awarding 3, 5 and 10 free spins when landing anywhere in a single spin are 3, 4 or 5 kitty goddesses, respectively. All free spins get a 3x bonus multiplier automatically awarded with wins. Cleopatra Slots won’t post any spoilers here, but the free spins bonus round is conducted on an entirely different set of reels; let’s just say that, in general, the free spins are a lot more high-paying *without* extra symbols added…

Is Cleopatra 18+ casino slot high variance or low variance?

We’re happy to say that Cleopatra 18+ is nicely low variance, i.e. this slot awards relatively lower payouts often. (After all, Cleopatra 18+ has no video bonus round.) Cleopatra 18+ is well poised as a penny slot machine with a max single-line jackpot of $2000 and certainly could become quite popular among low-rollers online.

What’s your review of the Cleopatra 18+ slot, then?

The Cleopatra 18+ slots game is playful and cartoony-beautiful in style. This game has a very good soundtrack and accessory visual effects, neither of which is too obtrusive to the player. Within an internet filled with Ancient Egypt-themed slots led by a certain queen, Cleopatra 18+ is notable indeed.

Now blow some kisses my way, Cleopatra baby...