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cleopatra land based and online slot gamesHere at "Cleopatra Games", we specialize in Cleopatra slots online and land-based slots. Amazing it is to think about just how many slots – even in the online world alone – are themed on that great, almost mythical kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

Others have waxed philosophic about the connection between Ancient Egypt and gambling, particularly in the heyday of Las Vegas from 1950s to the 70s (hey, maybe it was the desert landscape of Sin City – so reminiscent of Egypt, baby), so we’ll spare more musings on that matter. Although it is weird that gambling seems to have held very little dominion over the average uperr-crusty Egyptian, though. So maybe it’s the gold … sorry, sorry.

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What was the first Cleopatra slot machine?

While it’s fairly common knowledge among devoted casino goers that the first proper slot machine, i.e. a reeled game with symbols rather than decks of playing cards which had been the fashion of the Old West, was a machine called Liberty Bell invented by Charles Fey in 1895. The first such Ancient Egyptian-themed or Cleopatra slot’s origin is shrouded in mystery; we do know that Cleopatra slot machines have been played and enjoyed since the 1950s.

What was the first Cleopatra slot online?

first online cleopatra slot game from igt softwareWe’re not sure if it was the first, but the Cleopatra slot game with the most staying power thus far by far would appear to be the simply-titled Cleopatra by IGT (a.k.a. International Game Technology). This slot game has been among the most popular on the internet – no hyperbole – since its release in 2002. IGT’s Cleopatra has naturally evolved with the times and the technology, with specifically-formatted versions for mobile devices and even smartphones.

So are all the other Cleopatra slots just rip-offs of IGT’s?

In the age of the redo and reboot, we don’t blame anyone for the cynicism. But remember: This theme has been popular in slot games for 60+ years. While basically every casino software producer out there would certainly like to get in on the Cleopatra slot’s success, a theme can’t exactly be copyrighted.

Additionally, let’s face it: Once a designer sets out to create a Cleopatra slots game, limited options are presented. What else will you use, aside from pyramids, the gods and goddesses, Cleo her bad self, and familiar icons of Egyptology? Heck, games such as Cleopatra: Queen of Slots and Rome and Egypt even include playing-card symbols and who wants that again?

What would you suggest?

Beyond IGT’s game, check out Cleopatra 18+ for an interesting visual riff on Cleo and the bunch. Or how about Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold for a progressive jackpot slot alternative – or Grace of Cleopatra, which includes *four* such jackpots?

Where can I find Cleopatra slots?

download cleopatra slot now for free online play You’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve assembled the most comprehensive, scintillating and straight-up biggest collection of Cleopatra slots hosted online. Play for free on dozens of Cleopatra- and Encient Egypt-themed slots right here for absolutely free! For real money play, play safely and securely at a Cleopatra Slots-partnering casino website. All have been independently audited for best practices and quality assurance.