Play Cleopatra Jewels slot game by the popular GameArt

cleopatra jewels casino slot game for free mobile playThe Cleopatra Jewels slot game may be full of anachronisms and a bit too peppy for some, but we can safely say this: This game is clearly the purplest of the entire Cleopatra slots catalogue. As the grammatically questionable name implies, this slots game is all about Cleopatra and her collection of baubles – though as alluded to above, much of the jewelry in Cleopatra’s Jewels appears to have come from a century well after Cleo’s time.

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What’s the story of Cleopatra Jewels slot game?

Within Cleopatra's jewelry box are finely made pendants, gold bracelets, brooches and, most timey-wimey of all, a diamond ring. While diamonds were known and were commonly extracted in India from about the 4th century BCE, it seems unlikely even the great kingdom of Egypt would have amassed very many – and rocks of this size were rarely incorporated into jewelry like the fat diamond rings in Cleopatra Jewels.

But enough with the digressing! Let’s get on to…

How do you play the Cleopatra Jewels slot game?

Cleopatra Jewels is laid out in the classic 5-reel video slot game format with 25 paylines to bet on. Possible wagers run from 1¢ to 50¢ per ‘line, whether playing for real money or merely in demo mode.

play cleopatra jewels for real money play at our casinoThe aforementioned diamond is the scatter symbol and three or more trigger the bonus feature; more on this below. And you bet Cleopatra herself is the wild: The queen gets an oversized symbol on the reels and, when she helps make up a win, springs to life with animation to wordlessly flirt with the winning player. When this happens, however, the soundtrack gets not sexy-sounding but rather positively hyperactive with what we’ll call joyous winning music.

Play this slots game enough without the mute on, and you’ll believe that Queen Cleopatra VI was the happiest of all proverbial happy campers…

So what about the bonus round in the Cleopatra Jewels slot?

At the heart of it, the Cleopatra Jewels bonus round starts with 10 free spins at a 2x bonus multiplier. But Cleopatra is generous here: During free spins, f a Cleopatar wild symbol lands on areel, that particular reel is held and causes all other reels to respin once. Further, the bonus multplier increases by 1x with each Cleopatra wild landed; max reward here is 7x.

In short, some Sphinx-sized payouts are certainly possible during the Cleopatra Jewels slot’s free spins bonus round…

Can I play Cleopatra Jewels online casino slot for free or real money?

As the meme says, “Why not both?” Play the free-play version of Cleopatra Jewels here at Cleopatra Slots or check out any of our partnering casino websites for quality gaming on this and hundreds of other casino game titles!

Please note that all of Cleopatra Slots’ recommended casinos have been independently audited and quality-checked for fair play and customer service.