Play Egyptian themed slots on the popular Cleopatra site

The culture of Ancient Egypt has long been a source of fascination worldwide and ever since the dawn of slot machines have been a popular motif in casinos and pubs. Maybe it’s the lucky scarabs and stylistic hieroglyphics; maybe it’s the majesty of the Pyramids and the glamor of pharaohs; maybe it’s merely the admiration of any empire at its historical height … whether the reason, Egyptian-themed slots are well-represented at essentially every online casino.

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What do the Egyptian themed slots feature?

The great majority of Egypt-themed slot games are devoted to those bits that were found in the great pyramid excavations of the late 19th and early 20th centuries: Lots of slots feature titles with “pyramid”, “pharaoh” and/or “treasure” – just to name a few keywords to search on our site, hint hint.

The human star of Ancient Egyptian-themed slots is indisputably Cleopatra, however. Cleopatra certainly bests other familiar historical luminaries popular in slot games; she blows dudes like Caesar, George Washington, and any 20th-century soccer player out of the water as she appears in innumerable slots  games within the subgenre. In other titles, King Tut rules or simply the symbols of the culture own the reels.

Since the idea of gods and goddesses was bandied about quite a bit more commonly in the ancient days than today, perhaps thousands of gods served as characters and story focus for centuries. Cleopatra herself “identified with” (we might say today “promulgated the idea that she was a human embodiment of) the goddess Isis, for example.

Isis the goddess has proven to be among the heartiest of the Egyptian pantheon and is still central to many a sizeable faith. The online casino pays homage to the ethereal mother in games like Microgaming’s high-paying progressive jackpot slot Mega Moolah Isis.

Where can I find Egyptian mobile slot games?

And the entire plague-sending clan comes to play in “Gods of Egypt,” which thankfully has nothing to do with the wretched 2015 film. Well, all right, not the entire pantheon is here, but the badass trio of the jackal-headed god Anubis, Ra the sun god, and, of course, Isis, is. Gods of Egypt is an intriguing 5-reel, 31(oooh, bizarre!)-payline slots game which includes a video bonus round in the “pick ‘em” mold. And in this slot, those scary immortals actually bestow a nice treat to the slot player, namely sticky wilds. Gotta love the sticky wilds.

Gods of Egypt is even available in mobile version and may be downloaded at iTunes, the App Store and the like…

In short, who knows why casino game designers and players alike are so fascinated with the remains of a long-dead empire? It matters not, because any time you’d like at the online casino you can party with Egyptian gods and goddesses while seeking a jackpot payout of many sesterces.