Enjoy Grace of Cleopatra slot and be blessed with winnings

egt grace of cleopatra online slot game funThe Grace of Cleopatra online slots game lives up to the name in terms of design: The graphics here, while simple, are certainly fetching and interesting. As though seeking to win the player over in the most difficult way possible, the designers have chosen to intro Grace of Cleopatra to the player by displaying a gameboard full of those same old low-paying playing card symbols A, K, Q, J and 10.

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Ho hum, you may say (I know I did), but wow, these things are actually interesting-*looking* for once, distinctively rounded and depicted as though carved from the same stones that built the pyramids. Seriously, these characters are impressive enough that I want a font designed from them.

Wait a minute, who are those guys in Grace of Cleopatra…?

Yep. After the wild Cleopatra as the highest-paying symbol in the base game, a pair of sumptuous-looking Romans, presumably Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, rank second and third in terms of payout. With all the Cleopatra slot games available in online casinos combined with modern society’s necrophiliac tendencies to play up ol’ Cleo as some sort of wanton seductress and/or sex machine (sheesh, even Dante reckoned her as the Queen of Lust in his Inferno 700 years ago), it’s amazing that more games do not feature those hot ‘n’ horny leaders of the Roman Empire.

But what about the Grace of Cleopatra slot game itself?

fun and real money play from cleopatra and egt softwareAll right then. The Grace of Cleopatra slot is a 5-reel game with 10 paylines. Our beloved title character is not only the potentially highest-paying symbol, she’s also both scatter and wild, for Antony and Caesar, respectively, one assumes.

Betting in the Grace of Cleopatra ranges from 1¢ to $2, but actual betting options are limited to 1¢, 10¢, 20¢, 50¢, $1 or $2 per line; these may be toggled in the appropriate area of the screen before spinning.

Getting three Cleopatras on the screen awards 10 free spins plus an expanding (unlike Cleopatra’s Egypt, which ultimately became a nation-state under the Romans, no thanks to that alcoholic party meister Mark Antony) wild which is randomly chosen from among the symbol set.

Isn’t Grace of Cleopatra a progressive jackpot slot?

Yes! The Grace of Cleopatra slot includes four progressive jackpots which increase in value as you play. In contrast to many slots which offer three or four such jackpots at varying levels, all four jackpots in this slot game are typically of five or six figures. While one may not become a millionaire thanks to Grace of Cleopatra, at least the tease of a huge win only to receive $17 or something similar is gone.

Entering the “pick ‘em” bonus round in which the player may win a progressive jackpot is completely random but, once in the bonus game, the player is guaranteed one of those big payouts. In said bonus round, the player is presented with 12 cards. He or she picks and chooses until three cards of an identical suit are selected. The player-cum-winner is then awarded with the corresponding jackpot to the suit drawn.

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