Play Queen of the Nile II casino slot for real money cash

queen of the nile 2 casino slot onlinePlease, let’s not refer to this game as the “Queen of the Nile 2 slot.” After all, in releasing this atrocious, stupefyingly dull sequel to the casino-playing masses online, just about the only thing the casino game software distributing folks at Aristocrat got right was the Romanization of the number 2. Seriously, it seems like the folks at Aristocrat were trying to pull an Apple on us here, i.e. re-release a nearly identical product, bump up the number in the name and call it something altogether new. The difference between the Queen of the Nile II slot and its precursor is next to nothing; details run below, but, whoa, is this a lame snooze of an online slot.

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Aw, be fair. When was Queen of the Nile II launched?

According to the game information in the Queen of the Nile II slot, this this was rleased in 2015.

Really? 2014?

That’s what it says here. Amazing, when it resembles something put out 10 years before that…

So how do you play Queen of the Nile II?

queen of the nile 2 real money slot game The betting has changed slightly from the first game: In Queen of the Nile II, the player may wager 1¢ to $5 per payline on 25 paylines (up from 20).

And now get ready for the déjà vu – or simply a lack of thought put in to this sequel. Cleopatra is again the wild, but now pays a much-lower 3000x per the payline bet for the top jackpot payout of $15,000, down from the $22,500 of the first Queen of the Nile slot. Plus, this symbol still doubles any win she's involved with.

The scatters are still represented by the pyramids; happily, you can win on two or more of these: Bag 2x, 5x, 20x and 100x the total bet (or $12,500 max for the last) when landing two, three, four or five, respectively.

We can more or less recycle the instructions from the Queen of the Nile slot to describe the Queen II sequel: Lining up at least three King Tuts or gold bracelet symbols on an active ‘line gets 750x on the original payline bet; three eyes of Osiris or lotus blossoms win up to 250x. The low-paying playingcard symbols win 100x to 125x at best – That’s right, folks: Aristocrat didn’t change the paytable one iota from the dishwater-dull original Queen of the Nile.

Are there free spins in Queen of the Nile II slot game?

Yes, at least the minimum effort got this game this far. At least three scatters enter the player into free spins. Here is hidden the only notable augmentation to the playing experience, and it’s an idea that Microgaming (and certainly, by extension, Aristocrat) has employed since at least 2006.

Before launching into the free spins, the player is given a choice: He/she may play 5 free spins at 10x bonus multiplier, 10 at 5x, 15 at 3x, or 20 at 2x. Now, simple algebra will two that only the former two choices are worth picking. Figure that the average payout on a given spin is x, it’s clear that the first options will net $50x, i.e. the number of spins times the average win times the bonus multiplier. In this choice, the first choices will on average net the player 50x, the third 45x and the fourth 40x.

There ya go: Bonus tip for playing Queen of the Nile II.