Play Queen of Riches real money and free slot game online

play the queen of riches casino game with no registrationOkay, Queen of Riches is a big one.  The gameboard may hold a grid o 42 symbols, arranged 6 x 7 – and the player gets access to what the Queen of Riches slot’s designers claim is over 117.000 ways to win (this somewhat shaky claim is considered below) but regardless of overestimate is certainly still quite a lot. Wagering runs from 20¢ to $200, which covers all paylines. No option exists to bet fewer than the max number of paylines.

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How many paylines are there in the Queen of Riches slot?

Here’s what the game instructions read, but this doesn’t seem to make much sense to me: “All reels can have up to 7 symbols. Wild multipliers also increase the ways to win up to 7x per reel. Therefore, each spin can have up to 117,649 Megaways™ to win!”

queen of riches slot by best time gaming slot softwareNow it seems to us that, since a win in the Queen of Riches slot may be had by matching three symbols anywhere in the first three reels, even with the added seventh symbol in that column, the number of possible wins will primarily take place over the first three lines. Strictly speaking, the overwhelming majority of wins will be happening on 7 x 7 x 7, or 343 paylines. The other 117,306 potential winning combinations will pay out less than 2% of the time – and exactly 0% without three matching symbols and/or wilds in the three leftmost reels.

So how do you play Queen of Riches casino slot?

The Queen of Riches slot game is based in the trappings of Ancient Egypt, with symbols including the pyramid, an Ibis (and/or the ibis-headed god Thoth, Egyptian god of wisdom or knowledge) and those reliable standbys: the golden scarab, the eye of Osiris and the A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 symbols.

The most immediately striking aspect of Queen of Riches are is multiplicity of reels with the aforementioned symbols all appearing in various sizes on the reels. In other words, that low-paying “10” symbol may take up just one of seven spaces on a reel, or it may occupy three. This really becomes of importance when we start talking about wilds.

What are the special features in the Queen of Riches slot?

First and foremost is probably the “Full Reel Wilds.” These are in actuality old-fashioned expanding wilds that fill seven spaces in the reel. Odds are that if any of these lands in one of the first three reels, you’re good for a nice win. In addition, these wilds also provide a bonus multiplier of up to 7x on wins – and when two or more expanding wilds help make up wins, you’ll get a bonus multiplier multiplied by the second (and third and fourth, etc.) multiplier.

It should only take a few spins for the player to experience the “Reel Clone Feature”, which is randomly awarded on any spin and can produce between 2 and 6 (!) identical reels. Full reel wilds may also be replicated, though the given bonus multiplier is randomized. “Reel Cloning” is a very cool feature, but it’s seriously disappointing when three reels come up frozen and no wins are awarded.

So Queen of Riches is big, then…

Dude, it’s massive. And that’s what she said.