Play Rise of Ra slot game and get a taste of Ancient Egypt

real money slot play with rise of raWe don’t know what it is with Cleopatra slots including “Rise” in the title. Sure, the Egyptians had a sun god and all, but so did many cultures. And the sun always rises. But whatever. Let’s talk about the Rise of Ra slots game, beginning with the frankly weird wagering system.

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What’s up with the betting in the Rise of Ra slots game?

The Rise of Ra slot includes 15 paylines, which you are given limited choices as to betting: Wager 1,  15, 30, 75, 150, or 300 “credits”, i.e. amounts to be determined by the hosting casino website, per spin. It’s not complicated but, again, it’s kinda bizarre to think of it that way. And why this crimp in the play’s freedom? We blame it on Trump.

What are the symbols in the Rise of Ra slot?

enjoy rise of ra free slot game by egtOf course, our hero Cleopatra VI makes an appearance as the high-paying symbol in the Rise of Ra slot. The game developers over at EGT also nicely/eerily included both living and dead versions of male leaders, with a stern looking pharaoh (is there any other kind?) and a seriously large-looking golden King Tut sarcophagus.

In the Rise of Ra slot game, five wild scarabs are worth a ridiculous 200,000 credits at max bet – so for as little as (presumably) $3, you could turn $200,000. Nice.

The poor scatter is an unimaginatively-designed little ting, a simple rectangle labelled SCATTER – but hoo boy, do you want to see this one come up! Landing just *two* of these scatters on a single spin is worth 2x the total bet; five of them are worth 500x the bet.

And landing three of these scatters launches a free spins bonus round of 15 free games with a 2x bonus multiplier tacked on wins.

Is that it with Rise of Ra casino game?

Pretty much, yeah. Rise of Ra is a simple game that gets repetitive quick. One commenter on a free slot games site noted that “Rise of Ra doesn’t have the features to make it a very popular game…” and we can echo those sentiments. If the title is attempting to cash in on the reputation of the utterly dissimilar and disproportionately popular Book of Ra, well, this is a fail.

All in all, the Rise of Ra slots game is fun for a while, sure, but nothing outstanding except that fat $200,000 jackpot payout. On second thought, for those players with a few etra “credits” in the bankroll…

Where can you play Rise of Ra and other Cleopatra slots?

Enjoy free-play Ancient Egypt-themed games starting with Rise of Ra right here on this website. No downloads are required and no cookies will be involved in the playing of games.

Players from anywhere in the world can play Cleopatra slots and other great casino games at the reputable, internationally-certified websites linked on the pages of Cleopatra Slots.