Play Rome and Egypt online slots for Roman coin riches

rome and egypt slot game online for free mobile playThe Rome and Egypt slot game is quite an interesting and intelligent slot game out there, celebrating the familiar theme of Ancient Egypt while introducing just enough variation to attract the hardcore slots players. As in Grace of Cleopatra, Roman leader Julius Caesar gets a key part in the Rome and Egypt slots game. Those interested in Ancient Egypt at all are certainly interested to see this, um, slightly important historical figure so key to her reign of her land. Plus, all historical reputation for lust and general sexiness aside, Cleopatra is rarely depicted in casino games as more than a luxuriating, posing bodacious babe.

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In any case, let’s talk about the actual slots game Rome and Egypt

What’s interesting about the Rome and Egypt slot’s symbol set?

Whoa, “slot’s symbol set” isn’t easy to say. Try in four times fast.

Most impressive about the Rome and Egypt slot is its utter lack of the poker-run symbols seen in just about every other slot game, whether playing cards fits the theme or not. And Rome and Egypt slots even include fruit symbols among the low-paying set – stuff like plums and grapes.

In fact, “plums and grapes” could be said to characterize all the symbols in her in general. In a mishmash of the sumbols you’d expect in a Rome-themed slot and an Egypt-themed slot: the Sphinx and Great Pyramids neighbor the Coliseum; swords and shields are collected along with typical finds of Egyptologists.

And the soundtrack for Rome and Egypt slot?

I gotta say, the tinkly music playing as the reels roll on may be relaxing, but it definitely feels oddly juxtaposed with the ancient-era feel.

Does Rome and Egypt have any special features?

play rome and egypt casino slot game for real moneySure. First off, the game board is slightly different from the norm in that four rows rather than the standard three-on-a-reel are in play.40 paylines are played. The Caesar and Cleopatra symbols are stacked wilds – but are only three rows “tall.” In other words, either stacked wild cannot fill an entire reel. No matter; any time these symbols land, the payout is nice.

The funniest bit in this game involves the Cleopatra stacked (so to speak) wild. Any win involving Cleo’s second wild symbol means that the wild is her boobs. The win line running through that impossible sculpted pair busts me up (so to speak) every time.

As for bonus rounds, well, there aren’t any. I suppose the game designers reckoned that supplying two stacked wilds in the base game was enough. And payouts can get massive with thse two both appearing on the reels – would you believe up to a 125x total bet multiplier is possible? Nice.

Anything else that’s weird about this slot game?

Check this out: The player may wager any amount between 1¢ and $5 per payline. “What’s so weird about that?” you may well ask, but reread it: That’s “any amount between.” So if you feeling like betting 37¢ per payline as an homage to Kevin Smith, 23¢ per ‘line to being forth the magic of Michael Jordan, or, say, $3.47 for no good reason at all, you can do so in the Rome and Egypt slot. (Incidentally, those wagers would total out to $14.80, $9.20 and $138.80, respectively. Just keepin’ the mind sharp here.)